My Songs

“He Keeps Me Singing” By Luther Bridgers

            The Lord’s song brings peace and fills every longing. This joy can’t be gained by songs that glorify good feelings and love for people.  Other songs may gratify, but they are not eternal.  True Holy Spirit inspiration is always uplifting, transferring strength, joy and peace to other people.  The writer of this song, Luther Bridgers, experienced the worst in life, losing his family in a house fire. This song is living proof that the Lord can take us through the most devastating times in life. “He is my strength and song in the heat of battle, and now he has given me the victory.” Psalm 118:14               

“Out of Darkness”  By Cherilyn Johnston   

            The contrast of darkness and light will explain many changes Jesus made in my life. Being set free from bondages brings about freedom that only the revelation of God’s goodness and forgiveness can give.  The grace of God is God giving us the things of heaven that we don’t deserve.  It is a “black and white” truth. “He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son.”  Colossians 1:13  NIV

“Blessed Assurance”  By Fanny Crosby, Phoebe P. Knapp

            This is my story!  God’s peace can be attained with an assurance of His blessing, guidance, and protection that is not replaceable with anything on this earth.  God’s unconditional goodness needs to be proclaimed to all of mankind. Being an heir of God is the eternal blessing.  I want to tell everyone that God isn’t upset or disappointed with them.

“Christian Cowboy”  By Cindy Walker     

            This song is for everyone in the western culture. The Good Shepherd is also known as The Good Cowboy!  Saving the lost strays is the purpose and heart of God.  He doesn’t want anyone to perish or suffer from sin and death. Look at all the suffering in the world. Jesus came to deliver everyone! Matthew 18:12-14

“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms / I’ve Got Peace Like a River”  By Elisha A. Hoffman, Anthony J. Showalter   

            Many people today try to purchase things for peace, just take a drink or a pill.  The everlasting arms of God removes fear about the present and the future. The everlasting arms brings protection and provision.  The Lord is just waiting for us to trust Him.  His unconditional love has no strings attached. Peace is the fruit of trusting God. “And the peace  that passes all understanding shall guard your heart and mind.”

“The Old Rugged Cross”  By George Bennard

            The cross is where the ultimate show of love occurred.  If we don’t sing or talk about it, we must not “cherish” it. The Son of God was divine, but suffered for me.  This is merely an old song, unless we identify with His suffering. “He did it for me!”   

“He Is Risen (It’s A New Day)”  By Cherilyn Johnston

            The “Champion Fighter of the Universe” has come to our defense.  This awesome truth needs to be declared more than just at Easter.  His resurrection changed everything!  The history of sinful and dying mankind was revolutionized.  This brought us out of bondage of sin, sickness and the death. 

“Where Could I Go”  By J. B. Coates   

            God may have been our last resort, but that’s His grace.  The Lord is merciful whenever we turn to Him.  He’s the only one that can meet every physical, spiritual and emotional need.  

“Great is Thy Faithfulness”  By William M. Runyan, Thomas O. Chisolm  

            This has been one of my favorite songs since my college years. Changing the vernacular, the style, and the present tense helps to tell my story of God’s faithfulness to me.  Philippians 4:19

“Amazing Grace”     

            This song is more than just a Gospel standard, it’s profound truth.  This different style is an effort to reach more people with the message of God’s magnificent, incredible grace. Having been lost and blind, this song totally says it for me. His grace is amazing!  Ephesians 2:8

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”  By H. Lemmel   

            This song contains the answer to life’s journey, and encourages the listener that the things around us will fade when we set our attention on Jesus our Savior. When we change our focus to His goodness and mercies our problems and challenges are not as big. It’s been said “Either you have a big God and small problems or big problems and a small god.”  I have a big, awesome Father God!

“Let Your Living Water Flow”  By Cherilyn Johnston  

            This has been my prayer since I wrote this years ago.  Jesus spoke about the living water to the woman at the well, that she would never thirst again. “Out of your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.”  John 7:38

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